Sorry Patriot, but Teespring, in their ‘infinite wisdom’, has disabled my apparel store. Real nice – with over two years of work gone down the drain here now, too. You know, kind of like when YouTube shut down my ‘James Red Pills America’ channel on October 15th of 2020 (with about 3 dozen other large channels) when I had over 120K subscribers. Anyway, they will not re-enable it, as they are a liberal-owned organization with disdain for conservatives.

Please consider supporting my work another way – I have some of the most awesome Trump Gifts, Trump Merchandise and Trump Memorabilia around, and right now, I’ll give you 25% off EVERYTHING in the store, just use PROMO CODE jrpa25 at checkout! Your support will help me make up for the income I will lose due to Teespring’s actions.

Either way, I truly appreciate your supporting James Red Pills America. I am an Ordained Christian Minister and this is a full time ministry and has been for nearly a decade. I could NOT do this work without the support of Patriots like YOU!


Thank you for your support, and God bless you!

‘Pastor James’ Red Pills America