The Perfect Storm: "These Vaccines Are Murder Weapons!" & "The DOJ Will Kill Millions w/ These Vaccines!"- Must See Dr Buttar & Palevsky Video!

Dr. Buttar discusses the ‘PERFECT STORM‘: 5G, Toxic Vaccines, Sickness from Mask Wearing and more. He clearly states that 2020 was the “OPENING ACT“, a Second Wave IS coming – and that the CORONAVIRUS VACCINE will “KILL MILLIONS” of people! Then we have Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, a highly credentialed pediatrician, explains why he boldly calls the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine a MURDER WEAPON! Dr Palevsky goes on to say “…even the experts and promoters of the COVID ‘vaccines’ are saying it DOESN’T prevent transmission of COVID, it DOESN’T prevent death from COVID, it DOESN’T prevent hospitalizations from COVID and it DOESN’T prevent severe illness from COVID….so then, WHAT DOES IT DO, besides MAME and KILL?!“ Do NOT miss this BOMBSHELL report!Read More →