Here is a great tool to help you decipher the initials etc of Q posts!

QComms: As of 8/17/18✔️

[ ] Kill Box – contained, targeted or dead
+ – Soros family
++ – Rothschild family
+++ – House of Saud
18 = R /BHO
187 – police code for Murder
23 – symbolizes the Trump & Q dynamic
32 – symbolizes the Skull & Bones dynamic. (This is a silent war between 23 / 32 a financial war), also a 
Masonic level.
322 – The Order of Skull & Bones, The Brotherhood of Death (read up on Anthony Sutton and his research)
4,10,20, 42 & 45- DJT, Donald J. Trump 
5:5 – Good/Excellent – Loud and Clear on target.
5D Network = 54 network in opposition to POTUS (mirror).
D5 – Most Destructive Avalanche (See F9/Falcon 9)
F9/Falcon9 – An algorithm used by FB. Metadata Collection. (See D5 and combine the two)
@kingjames – LeBron James – 
ADAM RESEARCH PROJECT – The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences. UFO research
ADM R / Adm II – Admiral Rogers, Director of NSA
AF1 – Air Force 1, POTUS plane
AG – Attorney General
Agenda 21 – UN initiated action plan or blue print to turn communities into a little soviet forcing American’s 
into cities for better control of the population. Now it is known as Agenda 2030
AJ – Alex Jones / Infowars – Taken down from FB & Youtube to get at Qanon movement.
AL – Al Franken, Senator of Minnesota
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Socialist – NY – Won election from the Dem’s.
Alice and Wonderland -HRC ? and the Bloody Saudi Arabia
Alice – Q
AM/#1 – Angela Merkel
AM/#2 – Andrew McCabe – FBI
AM.#3 – Allison Mack Smallville actress and NXIVM sex cult recruiter.
ANON(s) – Anonymous – Includes everyone motivated in researching, promoting, and sharing Q information 
especially those on 8chan.
ANTIFA – Anti-Fascists, Soros backed domestic terrorists
AR – Amanda Renteria – She is the bridge between LL / HRC.
ARKANCIDE – People associated with the Clinton’s in some form or another that died.
AS – Adam Schiff also Antonin Scalia
ASF – Apache Software Foundation
ATL – Atlanta, state capital of Georgia
AUS – Australia
AUTIS – 8chan analysist – the brightest researchers dedicated to Q crumbs, also known as Bakers
AW – Anthony Weiner
AWAN, Imran – of Pakistan hired by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Former IT aide to congressional 
Democrats during Obama Administration. 
BAKERS – 8chan analysist (see AUTIS).
BC – Bill Clinton
BDT – Bangladeshi Takka (currency)
Beebo, Richard Russel – Ground Service Agent that hijacked the Q400 Alaskan airline.
Beta – A program. CIA targeted assassination known as Iron Hand. Mentioned in Q post re: MD shooter.
BHO/HUSSEIN/Renegade – Barack (Hussein) Obama, Renegade (traitor) was his USSS codename.
BIS – Bank for International Settlements
BLM – Bureau of Land Management
Blue Wave – Democrats
BOB – Robert Mueller former Director of FBI
BO – Barack Obama also Board Owner
BO – Bruce Ohr – See Nellie Ohr.
BOD – Board of Directors
BP – Border Patrol
BP – Bill Priestap – FBI
Brand of Sacrifice – A brand. The lives of those who bare the brand to feed the life of new Child of 
Brock Dorsey – Journalist who referenced Q.
BUZZF – BuzzFeed
C-INFO – Classified information
CA – Canada also California
CBTS – Calm Before the Storm
CC – Chelsea Clinton
CDM – Cheryl D Mills, legal adviser to HRC
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CF – Clinton Foundation
CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
Clowns/Clowns In America/C-A – CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
Clas1-5 – Classified “items” 1 through 5
CM – CodeMonkey, 8chan Administrator
CM – Cheryl Mills
COC or CoC – Chain of Command
COMMS – Communications
Conspiracy – 1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful, “a conspiracy to destroy the 
government”. 2. the action of plotting or conspiring.
COS – Chief of Staff
CORSI – Jerome Corsi author and youtube blogger. Affiliated with Infowar”s Alex Jones and CIA.
CSF – Cerebral Spinal Fluid
CS#1 – Chuck Schumer 
CS#2 – Christopher Steele
CS#3 – Civil Service
CTR – Correct the Record
D / D’s – Democrats
DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – 2012 aka Dreamers
DARPA – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is an agency of the United States Department 
of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.
DC – District of Columbia
Dead Cat Bounce – Stock market term. A short recovery after a stock market drop
DEEP DREAM – Twitter – A computer vision program which uses a convolutional neural network to 
enhance patterns in images creating a dream like hallucinogenic appearance. Code name: Inception
DEW – Direct Energy Weapon
DHS – Department of Homeland Security
DI – Directorate of Intelligence
DJT/POTUS – Donald J. Trump, President of The United States
DML – Dennis Michael Lynch – former fox news contributor
DNC – Democratic National Committee
DOD – Department of Defense
DOE – Department of Energy
DOJ/D-J – Department of Justice
DONOGHUE – Richard Donoghue – NY Eastern District US Attorney
DOPEY – Alwaleed bin Talal
DORSEY – @JACK – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
DWS – Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DNC)
E – Eagle – Bill Clinton Code name
EBS – Emergency Broadcast System
EG – Evergreen – Hillary Code name
EH – Eric Holder
EM – Elon Musk
EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse
EMS – Emergency Messaging System, also Emergency Medical Services
EMMY – Emmy Awards aka ME = Middle East
EO – Executive Order
EP – Erik Prince – Ex Navy Seal
EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
ES – Eric Schmidt & Eric Sneiderman (NY AG)
ES – @Snowden
EU – European Union
F&F – Fast and Furious (Feinstein’s failed gun sale attempt)
f2f – Face-to-Face
FB – Facebook
FBI/F-I – Federal Bureau of Investigation
FE – Flat Earth
FED – Federal Reserve 
FF – False flag
FI/EY or FVEY – Five Eyes – Surveillance (Aus/Can/NZ/UK/US)
FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISH – Forensic Information Scanning Hub (criminal investigation software)
FLYNN – Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to President Trump
Follow the money – It’s always about the money
FOP – Friend of Pedophile
FOIA – Freedom of Information Act
Forbidden City – Imperial Palace in Beijin, China
FTC – Federal Trade Commission – “The FTC’s competition mission is to enforce the rules of the 
competitive marketplace — the antitrust laws. These laws promote vigorous competition and protect 
consumers from anticompetitive mergers and business practices.”
GCR – Global Currency Reset
GDP – Gross domestic product – A monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services 
produced in a period of time to determine the economic performance of a whole country or region, and to 
make international comparisons.
GE – Globe Earth
Gematria Code – Decoding comms using numbers to letters as it corresponds to the alphabet and vice a 
versa. Q = 17th letter of the alphabet etc.
GEORGE – GS – George Soros – Soros takes orders from P = Pope
GEOTUS – God Emperor of the USA
GER – Germany
GITMO – Guantanamo Bay Naval Base military prison and detention camp
GOOG – Google
Greenpeace Environmental Group – Paraglider – a non-governmental organization. Banner read: Trump
well below par #resist (In Gematria code it translates the messenger as 322 = Skull & Bones Society
GS – George Soros
H – Haiti or Hawaii
HA/Huma – Huma Abedin HI – Hawaii
HAM Radio – Amateur radio for the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial 
exchange of messages, wireless communications.
HASPEL, GINA –CIA director
HK – Hong Kong
HLR – Harvard Law Review
H.R.5181 – Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 – The BILL that opened the 
door for TWITTER, FB, GOOG, etc. to CENSOR & CONTROL.
H.R. 5515 – National Defense Authorization Act – includes the largest pay increase, support for military 
families and investing in military readiness.
HRC – Hillary Rodham Clinton
HS – Homeland Security
HUMA – Harvard University Muslim Alumni
Hussein – Barack Obama
H-wood – Hollywood
IBOR – Internet Bill of Rights
IC – Intelligence Community
ID/IDEN – Identification
INSCOM – US Army Intelligence and Security Command
IRS – Internal Revenue Service
ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
JA – Julian Assange (Wikileaks)
@JACK – Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO)
James Gunn – Director of Guardians of the Galaxy fired for tweeting pedo including occult & Illuminati 
related messages and symbols
JB#1 – Jeff Bezos (Amazon)
JB#2 – Joe Biden
JB#3 – John Brennan, Former CIA Director
JB – James Baker – FBI
JC#1 – James Comey – FBI former Director
JC#2 – James Clapper (Former DNI Director)
JC – John Carlin
JC – Josh Campbell – FBI
JFK – John Kennedy, former President of the USA before being assassinated 11/22/63
Jim Jordan – US Representative of Ohio (Republican)
JK – John Kerry also Jared Kushner
Jochua Adam Schulte – Ex-CIA worker, charged with 13 counts of leaking classified info & possessing 
child porn. (Vault7 – CIA hacking tools)
John Dowd – Form WH Trump attorney
JOHNNY – John Conyers, US Representative for Michigan
JP – John Podesta
JR – James Rybicki – FBI
JQ – Jewish Question
JS – John Solomon
KC – Kevin Clinesmith – FBI
Keith Raniere – NXIVM/DOS – Leader of sex cult also known as Vanguard.
KEK – Same as LOL in Korean, also a satirical religion with frog headed god used to troll liberals with 
KKK – Ku Klux Klan, started by the D’s
KSA – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
L – Lynn de Rothschild
Lanny Davis -Previous Clinton attorney and Michael Cohen’s current attorney.
LARP – Live Action Role Playing. Not real, a fake, not to take seriously.
LDR – Lord De Rothschild
LL – Loretta Lynch, AG
LP – Lisa Page – FBI. Peter Strzok’s lover
LPC – Lucifarian Pedophile Cabal
LV – Las Vegas
M16/SIS – UK Secret Intelligence Service
M – Marines
MA – Michael Avenatti – Stormy Daniel’s lawyer
MACRON, Emmanuel Macron President of France
MAY. Theresa – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
MB – Muslim Brotherhood
MC_1 – McCain Institute
Melissa Hodgman – Peter Strzok’s wife – Sec. Exchange Commission Director, promoted hours after FBI 
found HRC’s emails on Weiner’s laptop.
MERKEL, Angela – Chancellor of Germany, rumored to be Hitler’s daughter
MI – Military Intelligence
Michael Cohen – Previous Trump lawyer
Midyear/Midyear Exam – DOJ’s Clinton investigation code name.
MK – Michael Kortan – FBI
MK Ultra – Mind Control programs
ML – Marshal Law
MM – Media Matters also Million
MM – Mary McCord
MOAB – Mother of All Bomb(s)
MOSSAD / MOS – a national intelligence agency of Israel. (known as HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim
MS – Michael Steinbach – FBI
MS-13 – Latino Drug Cartel
MSM – Mainstream Media, Fake News
MW – Maxine Waters
MZ – Mark Zuckerberg (FB)
NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement 
NDA – Non-disclosure Agreement
Nellie Ohr – the wife of 2X’S demoted Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr. She worked at Fusion GPS 
when the firm was working for the Clinton presidential campaign compiling the controversial anti- Trump
Russian dossier.
NG/NAT G/ – National Guard
NGO – Non-governmental Organization are usually non-profit and sometimes international organizations 
independent of governments and international governmental organizations that are active in humanitarian, 
educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, environmental, and other areas to effect 
changes according to their objectives.
Nicholas Rasmussen – Former Director of National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). He has ties to
McCain Institute.
NK/NORK/NOK – North Korea
NO – Noah Oppenheim – Wrote “Jackie” and President of NBC News
NORAD – North American Aerospace Defense Command (serves US and Canada)
No Name – John McCain
Nole Edward Remagen – Secret Service Agent in Scotland whom died protecting POTUS from paraglider 
(Greenpeace Environmental Group) from severe stroke 2 days later.
NP/NPO – Non-Profit also Nancy Pelosi
NSA/NO SUCH AGENCY – National Security Agency
NWO – New World Order
NYT – New York Times, American newspaper
OCCAM’S RAZOR – A principal that the simplest answer is usually correct.
OO – Oval Office
OP – Original poster also Operation(s)
Operation Broken Heart III – Refers to a part of a larger operation that connects to National Elite pedophile 
rings and may extend worldwide. Includes arrests of some major Hollywood players, political, white collar
professionals, a monk and other high ranking clergy members and more.
Operation Noble Eagle – Military response to terrorist attacks in North America.
OS/OSS – Office of Strategic Services
Paul Combetta – of Platte River Networks. HRC’s computer specialist who deleted Clinton emails.
Payseur – Elite bank family / Pawlenty 
PB – Preet Bharara – NY attorney, fired for not quitting under the Obama administration.
P / [P] – Pope also C – Chair (Chair serves Master. Master is Rothschild?) (Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
PER – Pedo Enabler
P_PERS – President Trump’s Personal message to us
PG – Pizzagate/Pedogate
PICL – Presidential Intelligence Check List
PICKLE – (Check Factory) Hienz and JFK?
PL – Presidential Library
PM – Prime Minister of UK – David Cameron, pre July 2016, Theresa May post July 2016
PnP – Drug fueled sex
Pocahontas – nickname given by DJT to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), claims to have native American 
POS – Piece of shit
POTUS – President of the US / Trump
PP – Planned Parenthood
PR – Pedo Resourcer
PRISM – code name for a surveillance program under NSA to collect internet communications from various
US internet companies based on demands such as Google Inc. under Section 702 of the FISA 
Amendments Act of 2008. Prism began in 2007 in the wake of the passage of the Protect America Act 
under Bush Administration. Operates under US FISA court. Edward Snowden leaked its existence and 
reported June 6, 2013.
PS – Peter Strzok, FBI agent. Lisa Page’s lover
Q, Delta – Q Team plus Special Forces
Q+ – Highest ranking Q member(s), Q plus team
Q400 – Alaskan Bombardier aircraft
R – Renegade – BO code name also uses number 18 = 18th letter of alphabet R 
RE – R David Edelman
RL – Real Life &Rail Line
R’s – Republicans
RB – Rachel Brand
RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Assoc. Justice of Supreme Court.
RC – Rachel Chandler
RM – Robby Mook
RNC – Republican National Committee
RED RED – Red Cross
ROTH – Rothschild
RR – Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General) also Ronald Reagan
RT – Real time
RUDY – Rudy Giuliani – US attorney to President Trump
RYAN – Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House
SA – Saudi Arabia
SAP – Special Access Programs
Sarah Backus – Judge from NM. Released 3 Muslim Extremist that conducted school-shooting training of 
11 children. 1 was found dead. Judge ruled Jihadi suspects were not a threat.
SC#1 – Sleeper Cell
SC#2 – Supreme Court and Special Council
SD – State Department
SEC – Security also Secure
SECURITY CLEARANCE REVOKED – John Brennan. Trump expected to review revoking 9 other
individuals, James Clapper, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe,
Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.
SES – Senior Executive Services
SESSIONS – Jeff Sessions (Attorney General)
SFO – San Francisco Int’l Airport
SH – Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit
SHILL – a person posing as an ally to decoy others into participating. (A plant or stooge) or praises 
something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit or friendship or loyalty.
SID/We Don’t Say His Name/John M – John Sidney McCain
SIS – Secret Intelligence Service (in the United Kingdom)
SITU – Situation
SK – South Korea
SM – Sally Moyer – FBI
Sneiderman, Eric – Former NY attorney general. 
@Snowden – Edward Snowden
SNOW WHITE 7 DWARFS – 7 super computers & (Snow White is the Deep State operation involving the 
project Deep Dream 2 which uses Facebook, Google, YouTube (Social Media) to place the population into a 
“Dream State” to control us. Snowden developed it.) (the seven dwarfs are the names of the seven super 
computers which make up the Hammer system created by Clapper and Brennan to spy on citizens and support 
the Snow White operation.)
SNOW WHITE – Also refers to CERN (Down the Rabbit Hole)
SOCRATIC METHOD – A method of teaching by asking questions to invoke critical thinking, reason and logic.
SOROS, GEORGE – Hungarian American investor and businessman. 1 of the 13 bloodline families. Gives 
millions to left wing causes. Wants to curtail American sovereignty. Rigs elections.
SOTU – State of the Union
SP – Samantha Power, former US Ambassador to UN
Spy Activ – Spying activity
SR – Susan Rice also Seth Rich
SS – Secret Service
SSP – Secret Space Program (See US Space Force)
ST – Seal Team (eg. Seal Team 6)
Streisand Effect – A phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has 
the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.
SY – Sally Yates
Telecommunications Act of 1996 – was the first significant overhaul of telecommunications law in more 
than sixty years, amending the Communications Act of 1934. The Act, signed by President Bill Clinton, 
represented a major change in American telecommunication law, since it was the first time that the Internet 
was included in broadcasting and spectrum allotment. (Bill Clinton set the stage). A new 
Telecommunications Act may be on the way.
TG – Trey Gowdy
TG – Tanisha Gauhar – FBI
The Illusion of Choice – Reference to the 6 media giants (GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, 
CBS) that control 90% of what we read, watch or listen to.
The Sherman Act – outlaws “every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade,” and any 
“monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize.”
TP – Tony Podesta
TRI – Trilateral Commission
TROLL – to upset or provoke (others) by posting such messages or comments.
TSA – Transportation Security Administration
TT – Trump Tower
U1 – Uranium One
UBL – Osama Bin Laden
UN – United Nations
US – United States
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USSS – United States Secret Service
US Senate Watergate Committee – known officially as the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign 
Activities, was a special committee established by the United States Senate, in 1973, to investigate the 
Watergate scandal, with the power to investigate the break-in at the Democratic National Committee
headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and any subsequent cover-up of 
criminal activity, as well as “all other illegal, improper, or unethical conduct occurring during the presidential 
election of 1972, including political espionage and campaign finance practices.
US Space Force – as the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces.
Vault7 – CIA hacking tool
VJ – Valerie Jarret
Wetware / WW – Biological with hardware + software (Human), think cyborish
Wetworks – murder, human trafficking
WFA – World Federalist Association – Globalists
WH – White House
WHO – World Health Organization – part of the UN
Wizards/Warlocks – Good Guys/Military (Wizards – Navy NPU-2/Warlocks/Naval Research Lab Military Support Division ONE VXS-1)
WL – Wikileaks
WRWY – We are with you
WTO – World Trade Organization – part of the UN
WW – Worldwide or World War, Wetworks (Russian slang for murder)
X – Unclarified

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