This page/section will include links and information about, perhaps, the most reliable and trustworthy sources for TRUTH and REALITY on the net- NOT Fake News.  Therefore, this section will be perpetually under construction, lol. That doesn’t mean it’ll be a mess, however, that just means that new information and sections will be added to this page in an ongoing manner.  As a matter of fact, this page will eventually be transformed into a ‘Launch Page’, leading to various ‘sections’ (ie Decoders, News Sites, etc), so that the information will evolve in an orderly, categorical manner. So, please continue to check back for updates!  Thank you for visiting the website, and if you have any comments, suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me using one of the link icons in the upper right hand corner of every page in this website!  #WWG1WGA!

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