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Before You Do ANYTHING Else…..DO THIS!

A few days ago (January30, 2021), it became PAINFULLY CLEAR that I have been using an ANTI-AMERICAN COMPANY to send my notifications emails out.  I say this because a few days ago, I received notification that MAILERLITE was shutting down my account for ‘Violations Of Terms Of Service’ – in other words, they DID NOT LIKE my Trump Truther videos and PURGED me from their system!  DEMONS! On top of that, many of you have noticed that YouTube has now removed my final, remaining channel from their platform (Whole Armor Of God), so it is IMPERATIVE that you subscribe to my Rumble & Bitchute platforms without delay! RIGHT NOW, SUBSCRIBING TO BOTH MY ‘JAMES RED PILLS AMERICA’ CHANNELS ON THOSE TWO PLATFORMS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE NOTIFIED WHEN I UPLOAD A NEW VIDEO! Click both logos below to go right to my channels and then SUBSCRIBE to them BOTH. If you don’t subscribe to both, you will NOT see all my videos! Sometimes, I upload videos to one platform and not the other, for various reasons. I APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR DEMONIC WAYS & WILL HAVE A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT FOR THEM AT THAT TIME.  If you have already signed up to receive my New Video Notifications, GREAT!  Once I get my new vendor selected and set up, I will be importing that entire list and we will be OFF AND RUNNING again, soon!  YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM THE TRUTH!