1. Is is YouTube where I should be mostly?I have a patreon I just haven’t gone in in a while ,I’d like to donate to the pastor,how ling will it take to receive the pack of trump 24 kt bank notes ?I’d like to make sure I get them ,and I will donate directly after ,love you guys , been following both ,I remember the red pill concept years ago in G+ when we would post photos ,I had a site called Alice in wonderland, evil Alice 🤣👍❤

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      Hello Ann 😁 yes YouTube is generally where you will see my work. You can find the bank note sets at this URL: https://JamesredpillsAmerica.com/24K/ – You can rest easy knowing that I have been selling these for a couple of years now and everybody gets their orders! THANK YOU for your awesome support 🤗🙏😁

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