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The James Red Pills America

Affiliate Program

About the Program

The official James Red Pills America Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity for Patriots like yourself to earn money for suggesting official James Red Pills America merchandise to your friends, family & associates!

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Luckily for you, the process is quick, simple & easy to follow

Step #1

Submit an application to become a James Red Pills America Affiliate!

Step #2

Start Promoting Official 24K Gold & Rare Trump Merchandise through your unique affiliate links!

Step #3

Someone purchases our Products through your link & you earn 20% commission for the sale!

What Support do you offer?

From our tried & tested promotional tools, to our comprehensive “affiliate success” documentation, & our leading-edge affiliate software; we support you at every stage of the process.

You can also request to be compensated through In-Store Credit

Yes, you read that correctly. James Red Pills America offers a competitive compensation structure in the form of 20% per-sale commissions & in-store credit compensation that can be placed toward your favorite James Red Pills America Merchandise!

Do I have to Pay to be an Affiliate?

The short answer is absolutely NOT! The James Red Pills America Affiliate Program is 100% FREE to join & participate in. The process is quick & easy, & MOST applications are accepted the same day they’re entered!

This sounds great, but how do I apply?

That’s a GREAT question! The great news is, whether you’re existing James Red Pills America Customer, or you’ve never made a single purchase with us, the process is both quick, & easy! Additionally, we’ve created a “How-To’ Guide on this exact topic!

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