SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! I don’t know about YOU, but I wouldn’t miss @James Red Pills America‘s NEXT VIDEO for the world! Hey Patriots, as many of you know, for the last week, I’ve been in a Time Out for my OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR……of #TellingTheTruth here on YT (YT removed my last video before it could even air).

Anyway, if YOU were one of the ENLIGHTENED ONES who signed up to receive New Video Notifications from ME (instead of relying on YT to notify you, which they will NOT do), then you would have seen my LAST TWO VIDEOS that I posted ON ANOTHER PLATFORM while I was standing in the corner HERE on YT – Yet one more reason to sign up for MINE. Why is that? Because when you sign up to receive notifications from me…..(now, hold onto your seat, because this is a RADICAL idea here)….YOU WILL ACTUALLY BE NOTIFIED WHEN I UPLOAD NEW VIDEOS! What a concept, right?!

Anyway, sign up here so as to avert the ‘Non-Notifying YT Monster’ and NEVER GET SPAMMED! ~> https://JamesRedPillsAmerica.com/notify/

Now, for the Special Announcement: Since my ‘Silencing’ over the last week, I have begun the (long overdue) process of starting my new Podcast series, which will begin airing here on my channel within the next few days. These podcasts will be NARRATED VIDEOS, without much in terms of visuals (you know….kinda like a Podcast, lol). These Podcasts will contain some of the most HARD-HITTING, BOMBSHELL INFORMATION that has, until now, been UNAVAILABLE ON ANY MAJOR PLATFORM.

I have spent months researching, hunting out and constructing the content I will be narrating, but for those of you who remember the ‘Good Old Days’ of JRPA, you’ll remember my narrated pieces – everyone loved those videos, so I am going to start doing many more of them.

IF SOMEBODY WOULD LIKE TO DESIGN SOME ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS (or similar) BACKDROPS for me to use in these podcasts, I would be forever indebted, and you will receive credit for each one right in the podcasts. I’ve decided that ‘Outsourcing’ these backdrops will have numerous benefits, to include more time for ME to create the podcasts, which means more podcasts going out and for whoever provides them for me, they will be generously credited and will have the opportunity to say they are involved in the channel in such a great way. Get in touch with me at [email protected] to discuss your ideas.

And for all you folks who heeded my words (by signing up for MY video notification system) and DID NOT MISS MY LAST TWO VIDEOS, I want to thank you for being proactive in your support of my channel: You did NOT trust the ‘Evil Ones’ to send you a notification, you took it upon yourselves to make SURE you got notified by signing up – and, hence, you seen those last two BOMBSHELLS!

Another announcement I have is that I am going to begin to create posts in my website (more info coming soon for that) for every video I put out. Among other reasons for doing so, one of the main benefits to this will be that YOU will have a great way of knowing when I post new videos, but it will also offer you/we a place where you can view my videos right on my website, as each video will be embedded into each post. Be looking for that exciting development, as well as the new Red Pill Podcasts that will begin airing in the next few days!

May the Love, Light, Peace & Blessings of the Lord be with you all,

‘Pastor James’ Red Pills America

SIGN UP FOR NEW VIDEO NOTIFICATIONS! NO SPAM, EVER! https://JamesRedPillsAmerica.com/notify/

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