Are you looking for a very unique – and passive way – to tick off your Liberal buddies and work mates?! Then LOOK NO FURTHER than right here! The Fake News is the Enemy Of The People and they spread their filthy and disgusting LIES everywhere. But, as much as we all hate the Fake News Media, you will LOVE these FREE Fake News Ringtones made exclusively for my supporters – by ME, James Red Pills America! These masterfully crafted ringtones are available in both iPhone and Android version and there’s TWO ringtone versions available for each type of phone (Android and iOS). If you’re curious about what they sound like, just take a listen to the video below, and you’ll know!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Select your phone style (Android or iOS).
  2. Choose your version of the Fake News song you want to download.
  3. Click on the link you want to download (and hold down) the version(s) you want (hint: download and install them both if you want!) and save it/them to your phone. When you click AND HOLD DOWN on the link in an Android device, a box will pop up and allow you to ‘Download Link’. On an iOS device, I don’t know how that works, I don’t use iOS devices at all (sorry, you may have to get help from someone who does use an Apple device).
  4. Follow the instructions given by your phone manufacturer to install them and set it as your default ringtone (or set it to ring when one of your Libtard friends call you!
  5. Have your buddies call you right when you’re knee-deep in Liberals and watch the Libturdian heads spin right off!!!
  6. Rinse – and repeat! LOL!

For iOS Devices:

  1. Right click HERE to download Ringtone 1
  2. Right click HERE to download Ringtone 2

For Android Devices

  1. Right click HERE to download Ringtone 1
  2. Right click HERE to download Ringtone 2