Eyes Of The Devil! Biden Regime’s ‘Border Crisis’ Revealed & The Dark World of Child Trafficking & Organ Harvesting

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(Viewer Discretion Advised) Why is the currently installed Biden Crime Family (and puppet regime) KNOWINGLY allowing this latest, massive uptick in illegal border crossings – and what, exactly, is their end game in fostering such a rampant and unhindered surge…? By now, you’ve all heard about the global child sex trafficking and organ harvesting rings – after all, Q posted ad naseum about that very topic for the last four years, and we also learned how this demonic ‘business’ was severely disrupted by the Trump administration – but, as this POWERFUL and MOVING documentary will show you, they started making up for lost time since they installed themselves into the most powerful office in the world. GRAB THE POPCORN & BUCKLE UP, PATRIOTS!

Until you watch this film, you haven’t even begun to understand the horrible truths about this satanic industry.  The ‘Eyes of the Devil’ is a devestatingly revealing documentary by Patryk Vega which reveals the horrifying industry of selling babies & children for their organs – and to child brothels around the world.

The buying and selling of children – and their body parts – happens to be one of the most lucrative and satanic businesses in the world, catering to the super elite rich and the twisted satanists who will stop at absolutely nothing to get what they want, regardless of whose life it destroys. Many people do not even know that the US is the #1 destination for sexually-trafficked children, most of whom are brought across the Mexican border. This epic documentary is perfectly timed with the current border crisis now occurring at our southern border – and one of the biggest reason for it happening.

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