Learn How To Get Your Real President Trump 24K Gold Banknote!

SOMETIMES we are fortunate here at the channel to have enough donations saved up to be able to give away a free 24K Gold Trump Commemorative bank note every now and then. We offer them to Patriots who cannot afford to purchase these for themselves. If you are Disabled, a Veteran (disabled and not disabled), an Active Duty Service Member, a First Responder or some other similar person who would LOVE to have one of these, but can’t buy one (now or in the future) due to financial hardships, send an email to [email protected] – let me see what we can do for you. I can NOT promise anything other than my heart goes out to you, and if I am able to, I will send you one for free.

May the Love, Light, Peace and Blessings of the Lord be with you and your loved ones!

Pastor James